Prospective Member Information

Using (EHSCE) is designed to be simple and convenient. To get started, simply open a free membership account. We offer two types of membership accounts. Your membership account is your record with EHSCE, allowing us to keep track of your completed exams with us. In addition, with your membership account you get free access to a number of system features, such as full previews of the course exams, notification of new courses and more. Join today to get started. Read on for more information about "how it all works".

An Overview of the Process

The first thing to do is choose the appropriate membership account for your needs. Once you have chosen the appropriate type, sign up with EHSCE.

Your membership will be activated immediately, and you’re ready to start using our system. In a nutshell, the steps are:

  1. Browse courses, and select the course(s) that interest you.
  2. For each course, print the course information and exam questions.
  3. Read/view the course material, circling the answers to the exam questions you printed out as you go along.
  4. Return to our website, and pay the applicable exam fees.
  5. Take the exam for each course selected, and print out your certificate immediately.

Note: you will see references to CE credits even if you choose the Completion-Only option. This information is only relevant to those members who are using our system to meet state licensure requirements. If you are using the Completion-only option, you can safely ignore the references to credits.

Here is each step in more detail:

Browse and Select Courses

When you come to our website, click the Courses link to list the selection of our courses in each category. We’re just getting started – we’ll be adding more courses regularly!

On the course listing page, each course will have an image, an excerpt of the description, and some factual data. Click the image or the course title to view the full details for the course, including the exam information.

Get the Course Materials

On the course details page, you will find all the information available for this course. EHSCE does not sell the course materials, but for your convenience we do provide a link to get the materials from a reputable source: for Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology courses you can purchase materials from, and most others from You are not required to purchase the material — you can also obtain it from the library, a colleague, etc.

Print the Exam Questions

On the course info page, you will find the Exam Preview. This is the actual course exam. We suggest that you print the page, so that you can circle your answers on the printout as you review the course material. You won’t be submitting the printed exam, so it’s not required that you do this, just helpful.

Exam Fees

When you’re ready to take the exam, return to our website, and browse to your course. On the details page for your course, click Select Course, and then on the Selected Courses page, click Go To Payment. You can pay by credit card or check. Many of our members need to send a copy of their receipt to another person, e.g. a supervisor. You can do that right on the payment page by entering that address in the Extra Receipt field. Click Submit Payment and once the payment is approved you can take your exam right away.

If you want to access an exam that you’ve already paid for, you can do that in your member account. Your member account has a history of all your exams, including links to reprint your certificates, and it has links to access any pending exams that you have already paid for but have yet to complete.

Complete the Exam

We value your feedback highly! Therefore, before you get to the exam itself, we ask that you complete a very brief evaluation of your experience. This input is required by accrediting organizations, and it helps make EHSCE better for everyone.

The exam questions are always multiple-choice or true/false. Click the answer for each question, and then submit your exam. That’s all there is to it.

A Second Chance

If you do not pass the exam the first time around, you get a free second chance. You will find your exam listed in your members home page. See the Returning Members section below for instructions on how to access your exam again.

Print Your Certificate

Once your exam is complete, you will need to select which approval organization is most relevant to your needs, for example ASWB. If more than one organization is relevant, choose one and then you can come back and print another copy of your certificate for the other organization.

Returning Members

When you return to our website, the first thing to do is login to your member account. This enables the exam previews and other members-only features on the site.

After login, you will come to the members home page. If you have any exams waiting to be taken, there will be an alert message at the top of the page. If you paid an exam fee but have not taken the exam, or if you need a second chance on an exam, you will be able to access it from the link in that message.

If you need to reprint a certificate, go to your Exam History. Click the modify link to change the selected organization for your certificate, or print it in a different format.

Questions? Need Help?

We’re always happy to hear from you. If you have questions, concerns or other comments, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.